MMU students scoop top prizes @ Digetex Awards 2011

Digetex - Award winner - Lauren Moore

It’s Show time across the country for emerging New Designers as the doors are thrown open on The degree shows 2011.

Manchester Universities Degree Show’s are open for business until Wednesday at 6pm..A medley of talented students offer a show which promises to showcase  New Designers for the future as they emerge into the commercial world.

Digetex – A Manchester based designer, printer and manufacturer of digitally printed fabrics and wallpapers and associated textile products for contract, retail and domestic customers have awarded two promising students.

Kathleen Jackson – Winner of the prestigious Digetex Printed Innovation Award 2011

Fashion led textile design. Uilising her unique floral photography to create the most beautiful abstract floral panels. Kathleens strong sense of colour and the use of layered textures along with an acute understanding of how to utilise photoshop at its best, make her work equally worthy of Art Gallery status as the fluid silk dresses previewed at the manchester show.

Digetex have offered Kathleen a placement within there vibrant design studio for summer 2011.

Lauren Moore – Winner of the prestigious Digetex Apparel print  Innovation Award 2011

Architectural elements and delicate mineral details mix with natural fluid elements to create a unique high Fashion look.

Lauren has created a design statement worthy of its own Fashion brand. All her garments and prints are maturely  presented as a stunning set of inspiring, young and vibrant photographic shots. Watch out Vogue? This girl is going to go far!..

Digetex have offered Lauren a placement in there dynamic design studio for summer 2011.

Both students can be contacted via the Textiles department at Manchester University

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